What is the difference between a large HR provider and a small HR Consultancy?

What is the difference between a large HR provider and a small HR Consultancy?

This is a question that I get asked very frequently. Clients always ask which is better and why? The answer is IT DEPENDS….

Do you want to have a small team of HR professionals that are based nearby? Then a local HR consultancy is right for you

Would you like unlimited HR advice and email support? Well, both a small and large HR companies can offer this

What about contracts will you be locked in for several years? For larger HR companies yes, some do lock your monthly price for multiple years which may suit your budget and planning.

Smaller HR consultancies can normally be more flexible and bespoke your package and price and scale up as you grow.

Do you need regular onsite HR support that’s part of your package?
You may find that a local HR consultancy can offer face to face support more easily and at a more affordable price that a larger HR provider

Is remote support better at one or another?
Larger HR companies have a wide team of HR advisors available by phone and email, but small HR companies can also provide experienced HR professionals by phone and email. Both can offer 24/7 advice.

You may prefer to know your HR advisor in person, in that case a local HR consultancy would suit you

Do both provide template documents?
Yes, this will be available from both HR providers

As an HR consultancy business owner I would recommend that you take quotes from a few local HR Consultancies. Then compare these with some of the larger HR providers to determine what suits your Company. Search ‘HR company near me’ on Google and meet them in person if you can.

I’m part of a business networking group of 10 HR consultancies in Hampshire and I can recommend one of those to you.

If you would like a free quote for our HR services from Foreshore HR for monthly packages or to find out our hourly rates just email

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