Grievance Investigations & Advice

Ensure impartial and thorough grievance investigations with our professional services, including witness interviews, evidence gathering, outcome letters, recommendations, action follow-ups, and appeals handling.

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Expert Grievance Services

Carrying out a Grievance investigation can be very time consuming. It is important you choose a professional who is impartial to do the investigation. We’ll handle the Investigation, outcome and any Appeal for you. Our Services include:

Interviewing all witnesses

Taking accurate notes and gathering evidence

Producing outcome letters

Making recommendations to your Company

Ensuring that actions arising are dealt with

Dealing with any Appeals


What our clients are saying about us

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Sam has been providing Matrix with HR support for 4 years. I strongly recommend Foreshore HR to keep you up to date with HR legislation and be there for you when you need advice and support. Sam has become a very important part of helping our business grow and keeping our employees happy and us legal! Highly recommend opting for the monthly retained service as good to know you can contact them when needed and they will be ready to help.

Louise Gascoigne Matrix IT

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Sam has been great at getting my business contracts up to date and relevant. We worked together so they met all my business needs. The staff handbook she created is excellent and I know she will keep it updated for a year which is a weight off my mind. Great working with you and thank you!

Rebecca Hope The Hope Hive

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