Probation Periods

Make the most of probation periods to ensure employee fit and productivity. Our service provides essential tools and support for effective probation management.

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Probation Essentials

Effective Probation Management: Ensuring Employee Fit

Utilising the probation period to test whether your new employee fits your Company culture and work ethic is CRUCIAL. They may not have the skills you thought they had when you interviewed them, or they may have different skills and the role isn’t quite right for them. We recommend you set probationary periods for 6 months and have regular reviews at the end of week 1, month 1 and mid way through.

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Probation Support Essentials

Access essential tools to monitor employee progress and set clear directions during probation. Receive custom communication templates and unlimited HR support calls throughout the 6-month probation period to ensure smooth management.

The probation forms you’ll need to check progress and set new directions for your employee

Bespoke letters to communicate with your employee

Unlimited calls to our HR team during their 6 month probation to support you

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