Retained HR Services v Hourly rate

Retained HR Services v Hourly rate

If you are a small company with less than 10 staff you’ll probably find that you can manage the day-to-day HR tasks such as preparing contracts, updating the employee handbook, processing holidays, sickness, working hours and payroll.

You should spend some money on purchasing a Contract of Employment as this will ensure that you remain compliant, and you can easily grow your employees with the same Contract template.

An affordable HR system can support the admin, maintaining secure HR records and monitoring holidays and sickness and storing/sharing documents with employees. Breathe HR is an HR system for small businesses that starts form just £18 per month.

As your company grows you’ll notice that the HR admin and queries from employees builds up and it may be too much or too complex for you/your admin team to deal with.

Hourly rate charging, we call Rescue HR that we offer starts from just £95 per hour and you can utilise HR services and just pay for the hours you use.

HR Consultancies generally charge between £75 to £175 per hour for HR advice an support. So if you need:

  • to discipline someone or
  • have a grievance to investigate, or
  • if someone is going on maternity leave or
  • if you have an employee on long term sick

These are the complex scenarios where it would be worth spending your money on some external HR advice.

Retained HR advice/support is where you can pay an HR consultancy a fixed price per month to carry out a specific set of tasks to keep your day-to-day HR ticking over.

Retained HR packages can range from £150-£750 per month.

Normally you will be required to have an audit of your HR practices first to ensure that fundamentals are in place before you take up a retained HR package.

Some HR fundamentals to have prior to starting a retained HR package would be:

  • Ensure you have a compliant offer letter and contract
  • Have a standard employee handbook of HR policies in place
  • Are paying national minimum wage rates
  • Have chosen a workplace pension scheme
  • Understand who does what in terms of HR

Our Retained HR service starts from just £250 per month for 25-50 employees and offer an UNLIMITED telephone and email support.

We work with you as the Director to provide your Managers with the confidence to lead their team.

Contact us via email or telephone 023 9298 26865 for a free no obligation quote for your Retained HR package.

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